Tink continues European expansion by acquiring Instantor

We’re ecstatic to announce Tink is teaming up with Instantor, a leading European provider of credit-decision solutions. Built on open banking technology, Instantor’s products and services strengthen our market position across Europe, while the acquisition also brings 150 live customers to Tink, made up of banks and fintechs across 13 markets.

TL;DR – Quick summary

  • Tink has acquired leading credit-decision tech firm, Instantor.

  • Instantor’s services become part of Tink to offer intelligent credit-decision solutions.

  • This is a continuation of Tink’s European expansion strategy.

  • Instantor brings 150 live customers in 13 markets to Tink.

  • Tink’s open banking platform and Instantor’s know-how accelerates innovation in this space.

Tink acquires Instantor

Founded in 2010, Stockholm based Instantor has excelled in enabling banks and fintechs across Europe to make enhanced credit decisions. So this acquisition is a perfect fit for Tink’s strategy of continuing to invest in intelligent data services built on open banking technology.

As it becomes part of the Tink family, Instantor’s products and services will be available to all Tink customers as a natural continuation of our platform, building on our leading aggregation and data enrichment capabilities. It will provide even more value-added services on top of open banking data with the two product portfolios combined, in more markets than before. It will enable deep insights to be extracted from consumer bank transactions, to verify income and identify patterns of behaviour, delivering intelligent credit-decision solutions to our customers.

Used by more than 150 live customers across 13 European markets, Instantor supports more than 5 million credit decisions every year, with an annual revenue of €4M in 2019. In the same year, the Financial Times ranked Instantor as the second fastest-growing fintech in Sweden.

What Instantor has achieved is impressive, deftly proving itself as a leading European provider of credit-decision tech. We see a great opportunity in continuing to invest in its products and services, while combining them with our own. With Tink’s open banking platform and Instantor’s know-how, we will be able to accelerate innovation, and together, we look forward to creating an even stronger open banking offering across Europe. Watch this space.

Instantor customer? You may have noticed their website is no longer available – but you can still check their legal page here

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