Why Tink picks Poland for its biggest ever engineering expansion
2021-04-28 · 4 min read

Why Tink picks Poland for its biggest ever engineering expansion

Tink’s Warsaw engineering hub is booming, and we’re hiring 60 new engineers to more than double the hub in 2021 – to help lay the foundations that the future of Europe’s financial services will be built upon.

2019-10-24 · 1 min read

Embracing the hygge lifestyle in our new Danish office

We’re hopping over the strait and expanding the Tink presence to our Nordic neighbours in Copenhagen.

Tink employees
2019-10-09 · 3 min read

Joining the customer-obsessed and optimistic Finnish fintech scene

As we open offices across Europe, Finland is one place that sticks out from the crowd. With a more optimistic view than most countries and a tech-forward culture, most players in the Finnish financial industry understand the importance of putting the customer’s needs first. And so we’re planting our pink Tink flag here in Helsinki.

French office
2019-07-02 · 2 min read

Beyond borders: helping French partners take open banking across Europe

With over 50 banks – some of which are the biggest in the world – France’s financial market has a wide reach in Europe and beyond. But the tech that enables businesses to launch new open banking services has largely been local. Until now. 

Warsaw tech hub
2019-05-15 · 3 min read

How our new Warsaw tech hub is laying the open banking rails across Europe

When your mission is to create the infrastructure on which the whole of Europe can build open banking services, finding enough tech talent is a challenge. It’s why we opened our new tech hub in Warsaw, Poland to put extra fuel in the tank.