New markets

Map of the world
2020-02-27 · 2 min read

Keeping track of 2,500+ data sources

At Tink we’re big believers in doing things at scale. Full data coverage across all European markets is the mission, but, somewhat unsurprisingly, it’s not without its complications. 

Product updates
France map
2020-01-27 · 2 min read

Expanding the Tink platform into France

Advancing on our quest to provide a pan-European open banking ecosystem, we’re launching the Tink platform in France. This lets local businesses, banks and developers access financial data from some of the country’s largest financial institutions to offer French consumers the next generation of personalised and data-driven services.

Product updates
Map of France
2020-01-27 · 2 min read

La plateforme Tink en France

Dans notre quête d'un écosystème d’open banking paneuropéen, nous lançons la plateforme Tink en France. Celle-ci permet aux entreprises, banques et fintech d'accéder aux données financières de certaines des plus grandes institutions financières du pays afin d'offrir aux consommateurs français la prochaine génération de services personnalisés et basés sur des données. 

Italy and Portugal maps
2019-12-05 · 5 min read

Launching our platform in Italy and Portugal – with instant access to 40 million consumers

As part of our European expansion, we are launching our open banking platform in Italy and Portugal. Any local business, bank or developer can access the financial data of tens of millions of consumers – and offer personalised and data-driven services to meet their evolving demands. In the dynamic Italian market, we are also announcing the opening of our Milan office.

Product updates
Portugal map
2019-12-05 · 2 min read

Tink enters Portugal – opening the data floodgates to 20 banks

With our arrival in Portugal we’re giving developers access to financial data from 20 Portugese banks – and the tools to test, build and launch new services on top of the enriched data.

Product updates
2019-12-05 · 3 min read

Tink arriva nel Bel paese: siamo in Italia

Il viaggio di Tink è partito ormai 7 anni fa dalla Svezia ed approda oggi nel suo 14esimo porto sicuro, l’Italia, un mercato pronto a godere delle opportunità dell’open banking.