Zmarta’s quest to give people the best mortgage in minutes

Zmarta makes it quick and simple for people to get the best mortgage rate in Sweden. Using our single API to collect account data, Zmarta can understand people’s financials in an instant – and give them a better deal.

Zmarta app

Zmarta launched its mortgage tool in Sweden with a quest to help customers improve their private finances. With mortgage holders at the mercy of rate changes and fluctuating property values, they wanted to make it effortless for people to get the best deal – whether they are first-time buyers, moving home, extending or switching.

More than mortgage rates

To make that a reality, Zmarta’s service had to go beyond a simple comparison of mortgage rates. Instead, people can check on their property value and how it’s changed over time, find out how their mortgage rate stacks up against other homeowners in their area, and get offers for better rates from every bank in Sweden.

Morgage report in Zmarta app.

The power of aggregation

The tool uses Tink tech to quickly aggregate all the necessary financial data related to people’s current mortgage – without any effort on the part of the user. Zmarta then analyses the data against the market and comes up with personalised recommendations, letting people choose the best mortgage for them. All in a few minutes.

 In a market that’s been tainted by a lack of transparency and liquidity, Zmarta is changing the game by making it easier for people to understand if their current deal is a good one, and if not, how to improve their financial situation and move to a better mortgage.