How SBAB got 50,000 Swedes to challenge their mortgage

With the launch of The Mortgage Match, SBAB has overcome a major hurdle: making it easy for people to make comparisons in the most complex financial product of their life.


Buying a home is a significant life event, but includes an often cumbersome mortgage application process – which is why it’s hard to get people to re-evaluate their decision once it’s done. Comparing interest rates and fees simply isn’t worth the hassle.

This is a perception that Swedish bank SBAB wanted to change. By teaming up with Tink, they radically shortened the time it takes for anyone to compare and switch mortgages. And guess what? Most could get a considerably better deal. And they could move their mortgage with a few clicks.

You can see the full presentation below, or download it as a PDF.

Download use case (PDF)

SBAB Use case

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