How EVO Banco is improving their mobile offering with multi-banking

Spanish digital bank EVO is obsessed with making life easier for their customers. A big part of that mission is creating a first-class mobile experience, and so they are always looking out for new tech and developing new features to bring more convenience to the EVO banking app. One of their most recent additions is a multi-banking feature built on top of Tink’s tech.

Evo bank + Tink logos

Recognised as the ‘Most Innovative Bank in Europe’ by the World Finance platform in 2019, EVO has a robust digital offering that includes a range of pioneering products and services – from smart accounts, to smart cards, and a ‘smart piggy bank’. 

The company has been gathering a viral following, and now has half a million customers. An impressive 66.2% of EVO’s customers opened their accounts because their friends and family egged them on. But what is it that makes them so popular?

The bank’s unique digital offering is a big draw. EVO likes to experiment with new technologies, and try out new ideas that can make life easier for their users. The capabilities brought by open banking were no exception, and so EVO partnered with Tink to leverage the open access to data and add a multi-banking feature to the EVO app

An array of smart features

Among EVO’s unique product offering is a ‘smart mortgage’ that automatically adapts to the market, and a ‘smart account’ that puts savings on autopilot by transferring any amount over €3,000 into a separate savings account.

When it comes to its digital offering – which includes a standout app – the Spanish bank has developed features like the EVO Assistant, the world’s first AI-based voice assistant in banking, and EVO Fit, which gives customers ‘financial health checks’. 

EVO’s culture is highly focused on the customers, and finding ways to bring them value. As Carlos Oliveira, Executive Customer Lab Director at EVO Banco, mentioned in a video interview with World Finance, ‘we have a vision of being useful for the customers. For us, it's an obsession.’

Improving the customer experience with multi-banking

As part of their mission to improve the customer experience, EVO is now adding a multi-banking feature that lets customers see all their accounts (from different banks) on the EVO app. This new feature is based on Tink’s aggregation tech, and uses new open banking capabilities to make EVO all the more useful for their customers.

Instead of having to log in to multiple banking apps to keep track of their different accounts  customers can now see the full picture of their finances straight from the EVO app . In the words EVO’s Managing Director Enrique Tellado, ‘Our clients will benefit from much faster and more intuitive access to their overall financial situation.’

And this is just the first step in EVO’s exploration of the new possibilities brought by open banking. We’re curious to see what other innovations will come up with now that they have the open access to financial data to play with.

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