How Tink customers use data to provide better financial services

From blue-chip banks to fintech unicorns, our customers are using Tink services to better respond to this era of open banking – in which the power is shifting from banks to consumers, and giving consumers the power to choose.

In an interview with Fintech Insider at Money20/20 in June, our CEO Daniel Kjellén said the customers that are embracing this power shift the most are the ones who have a lot to gain from that movement.

“We have an online broker in the Nordics called Nordnet that is aggregating investment accounts from elsewhere,” he said. “And next to that aggregated account is a “transfer” button saying ‘transfer those funds’. That’s been available for some time, but it’s been so cumbersome – involving so many details and account numbers – and now it’s just a button.”

Watch the full interview above.