How ABN AMRO built the most popular Dutch PFM app

By launching personal finance app Grip, ABN AMRO addressed two of their customers’ most pressing requests: understanding where their money went, and getting the tools to better manage their spending.


When the Dutch bank found that 50% of the customers they surveyed were all asking for the same thing – a better tool for managing their money – investing in a PFM (personal finance management) app became a no-brainer. So they looked for a partner with extensive experience in the field.

With the help of Tink, ABN AMRO was able to have a first prototype of their app ready within 90 days. Today, 670,000 of the banks’ customers are using Grip to better manage their finances, making it the #1 personal finance app in the Netherlands.

You can see the full case below, or download it as a PDF.

Download use case (PDF)

ABN Amro use case