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Explore a world of novel digital banking solutions made possible with today's financial technology. From onboarding and KYC, to powerful personalised experiences – find out how data-driven banking can transform businesses, and their relationship with customers.

How Northmill is using Tink
2021-02-25 · 3 min read

How Northmill is using Tink to streamline banking

Northmill is on a mission to build personalised banking services that improve people’s finances. By plugging Tink’s open banking technology into its app, Northmill will deliver a seamless and relevant customer experience.

What is account verification, and what is it good for?
2021-01-27 · 3 min read

What is account verification, and what is it good for?

When charging or paying out customers, businesses rely on them to provide their account details. But people can make mistakes – or try to commit fraud. Thankfully, account verification can save everyone a lot of grief.

How papernest is removing the pain of paperwork using open banking
2021-01-22 · 5 min read

How papernest is removing the pain of paperwork using open banking

papernest built a platform that makes subscription management effortless – and it already has more than 600,000 users across Europe. Here’s how it's using open banking to deliver a seamless user experience.

AccountsIQ partners with Tink to streamline financial reporting
2021-01-20 · 3 min read

AccountsIQ partners with Tink to streamline financial reporting

AccountsIQ is on a mission to bring smart accounting to small and medium-sized businesses. So it’s teamed up with Tink for open banking technology, to streamline bank account connectivity and improve the user experience.

How Italian banking giant BNL is taking multi banking to the masses
2021-01-14 · 2 min read

How Italian banking giant BNL is taking multi banking to the masses

BNL has added multi-banking to its mobile app, giving customers a 360-degree view of their finances in one place. The partnership will drive innovation for BNL, using Tink tech to take new services to its 2.5 million customers in Italy.

How NatWest built the UK’s leading Spending feature
2020-11-26 · 10 min read

How NatWest built the UK’s leading Spending feature

We talk to NatWest Retail Bank’s Chief Digital Information Officer, Wendy Redshaw, about what it takes to build the UK’s leading digital banking service – and how its customers are reaping the benefits.

Instantly verify customers’ account information with Account Check
2020-11-04 · 5 min read

Instantly verify customers’ account information with Account Check

Get to know Tink’s new product, Account Check. Here’s how it can speed up and simplify the account verification process, providing an easier onboarding and setup for direct debit and payouts.

What is multi-banking, and what is it good for?
2020-10-21 · 3 min read

What is multi-banking, and what is it good for?

Multi-banking makes it easier for people to see the full picture of all their finances by gathering all their accounts in one view. Here’s why that can make a big difference for consumers and businesses.

What is payment initiation, and what is it good for?
2020-10-01 · 3 min read

What is payment initiation, and what is it good for?

Not sure what payment initiation is, what it looks like, or why you should care? We’re breaking it down into simple terms. Here’s how it works, and what advantages it brings to consumers and businesses alike.

Driftio: unlocking the value of sharing financial data
2020-09-17 · 6 min read

Driftio: unlocking the value of sharing financial data

Driftio makes it simple to build a personal financial balance sheet, and share data swiftly and securely. Users can then get value from their data through greater insight, personalised advice or better deals. Here’s how it works.

Data enrichment
2020-08-19 · 4 min read

What is data enrichment, and what is it good for?

Data is great, but it can often be made better. That’s what data enrichment is all about. Here’s what data enrichment can do for financial data in very simple terms. And why it can make all the difference.

2020-07-29 · 4 min read

What is account aggregation, and what is it good for?

We get down to the basics of account aggregation. Find out more about what it means, and how it can be used to increase transparency for both consumers and businesses.

PFM – explained
2020-07-15 · 5 min read

What is PFM, and what is it good for?

PFM is great. But what is it exactly? We get down to the basics and explain the term, what it means, and what it has to offer for consumers and businesses alike.

Sopra and Tink form partnership
2020-07-01 · 3 min read

Sopra Banking Software becomes Tink's channel partner

Sopra Banking Software and Tink have joined forces to bring open banking solutions – account aggregation, data enrichment, payment initiation, and personal finance management technology – to a platform serving 1,500 financial institutions worldwide.

Nordea partnering with Tink
2020-05-14 · 3 min read

How Nordea is improving its digital banking experience

Nordea is partnering with Tink to transform their mobile banking app, and improve how their customers manage their money using open banking technology.

Actionable insights #3
2020-04-15 · 5 min read

How the tech behind actionable insights is changing financial advice

Actionable insights makes it possible for financial institutions to deliver hyper relevant and targeted digital advice. But how does it actually work? We dig into the technology that makes it all possible.

2 lightbulbs
2020-04-08 · 7 min read

4 ways actionable insights will benefit your business

Find out how you can engage more customers, build trust, boost sales and increase share of wallet by providing actionable insights in your PFM experience.

Lightbulb illustration
2020-03-31 · 5 min read

Actionable insights: your customers' personal finance coach

Financial institutions across Europe are under pressure to deliver increasingly sophisticated services that simplify how people manage their money. Actionable insights can help make this a reality by enabling you to give customers a truly personal experience, which drives engagement, increases trust and boosts sales - all while helping people be smarter with their money. This is how it works.

2020-03-26 · 6 min read

Build a custom PFM experience – and fast – with Tink’s SDKs

In digital banking, personal finance management (PFM) is a key contributor to customer engagement. If you can be the go-to place for customers to manage their finances, that can easily turn into increased loyalty – and sales. With Tink’s PFM SDKs, making PFM happen doesn’t need to be a massive undertaking. You can get up in running in a few hours, saving developer time and getting to market quicker.

Henry Kupty (left) and Jon Nilsson (right)
2020-03-20 · 6 min read

Talking with Tinkers: how to build the PFM of tomorrow

How do you build the future of financial services? We had a chat with Tinkers Jon Nilsson and Henry Kupty from the data products team to learn more about how they work to transform financial data into delightful user experiences. This is what they are doing to create value for leading brands and their millions of customers through personal finance management (PFM).

2020-03-12 · 4 min read

Lifting the lid on the tech that powers enhanced credit scoring

In part one and two of this series, we looked at the 'what' and the 'why' of enhanced credit scoring, discussing the benefits to consumers and businesses. In this third and final piece we dive into the ‘how’ – showcasing the tech behind the solution.

Evo bank + Tink logos
2020-03-10 · 4 min read

How EVO Banco is improving their mobile offering with multi-banking

Spanish digital bank EVO is obsessed with making life easier for their customers. A big part of that mission is creating a first-class mobile experience, and so they are always looking out for new tech and developing new features to bring more convenience to the EVO banking app. One of their most recent additions is a multi-banking feature built on top of Tink’s tech.

BNP Paribas Fortis App
2020-02-22 · 2 min read

Banking just got a whole lot easier with BNP Paribas Fortis

Last week BNP Paribas Fortis enabled their app users holding accounts at other banks to get a full financial overview in the Easy Banking App. This means that users can now view their account balance and real-time transactions from Belfius, ING and KBC without having to jump between different interfaces ultimately making their lives easier.

Credit scoring 2
2020-02-05 · 4 min read

How enhanced credit scoring can impact consumers’ lives

In the first part of this series, we’ve gone through the 'what is' of our enhanced credit scoring solution. In this second article, we’ll dive into the ‘why’ – the concrete benefits it brings, and how it can positively affect consumers’ lives.

Tink UK
2020-01-24 · 5 min read

The power of one: personalisation for the masses

Instead of focusing on the September deadline, the real test will be how you innovate to meet consumer demands in an era of increasingly personalised experiences.

BNP Paribas office
2020-01-23 · 2 min read

Tink becomes BNP Paribas’ preferred tech partner in Europe

BNP Paribas, the world’s eighth-largest bank, has selected Tink to be its preferred European partner for data aggregation and enrichment, payment initiation and personal finance management (PFM) technology – bringing our banking infrastructure and data services to the bank that serves 18 million customers in the region.   

Credit scoring
2019-12-04 · 4 min read

A simple way to improve your credit scoring

The way our enhanced credit scoring solution works is quite simple: Tink gives you access to real-time financial data, as well as insights into spending behaviours so you can feed your credit scoring models. This results in a quick, reliable credit or risk assessment – so customers can get a better experience, and businesses can minimise risks.

2019-11-28 · 2 min read

How ABN AMRO turned its PFM app bank-agnostic

ABN AMRO and Tink joined forces to make the bank’s popular personal finance management (PFM) app – Grip – more open and relevant. Thanks to the new PSD2 APIs, users can add accounts from other banks inside the app – and Grip can reach more customers.

Simplify onboarding 3
2019-11-21 · 3 min read

How customers are using our simpler onboarding solution

Quick and seamless onboarding is a way to gain an edge in today’s cutthroat fintech landscape. After using autofill, our partners Avanza and Qliro managed to reduce friction and boost conversion rates – in vastly different onboarding scenarios. The solution can also be applied beyond financial services, whenever filling in bank account or ID information can help customers save time.

Simplify onboarding 2
2019-11-07 · 4 min read

How our technology enables simpler onboarding

A key to simple onboarding is removing any unnecessary friction in your user journey. Tink can help do that by automatically filling in forms for customers, so they can skip the manual work and get started more quickly. Our solution uses account aggregation to retrieve the relevant data straight from their banks – and it can be easily implemented in a matter of minutes.

Simplify onboarding
2019-10-31 · 3 min read

One simple way to improve your onboarding

Customers’ first steps inside your service are critical. Asking them to fill in lengthy online applications in order to get started can lead many of them to abandon your offering – and perhaps go explore a competitor’s. Tink’s autofill solves this by fetching the information straight from the customers’ bank accounts and automatically filling it in, making for a more seamless experience – and higher conversion rates.

2019-10-15 · 6 min read

5 tips for launching a bank and fintech partnership

After reaching a commercial agreement, the bank and fintech are feeling pretty comfortable together. A commitment has been made and everyone’s clear about where the relationship is headed. The next step – making the collaboration fruitful – is not always straightforward. Here are five tips we’ve refined for when it’s time to get a product to market.

Daniel Kjellén
2019-10-08 · 5 min read

3 things that make or break a bank and fintech partnership

Our blossoming bank and fintech relationship has reached the ‘let’s make it official’ phase. But even though we both want to end up in the same place, charting a path there can be complicated. First, we have to make sure we can get past our fundamental differences to see a happy future together – preferably in the form of a commercial agreement.

CGD + Tink = Dabox
2019-10-02 · 4 min read

How CGD built a cutting-edge PFM app in 6 months

Portugal’s biggest bank, Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), wanted to transform how it interacted with its customers. So it asked Tink to help build a first-class mobile experience that would also leverage open banking tech. Six months later, CGD launched a brand-new PFM app to give millions of consumers unprecedented insight into their economy.

2019-10-01 · 4 min read

Go inside the secret world of bank and fintech partnerships

Forming a bank and fintech partnership is a lot like dating. You meet, hit it off and decide you want to be together. But first you have to manage the challenges of bridging two totally different worlds. This is the full story of how we figured out that banks and fintechs can see the future in the same way (cue: heart emoji).

Girl under umbrella
2019-09-10 · 8 min read

5 ways customer’s banking expectations are changing

From the demise of cash and physical bank branches, to the rise of digital banks and automation, technology is irreversibly changing the way we manage our money – and what we expect from the services that do. 

Mash <3 Tink
2019-08-30 · 3 min read

Using aggregation to make data-driven decisions about customers

When payment provider Mash wanted to upgrade its onboarding process and use data to give customers a better deal, they enlisted the help of account aggregation.

Comic clouds
2019-08-29 · 12 min read

Chris Skinner: the three major mindset changes banks have to go through

Tink speaks to independent blogger and author Chris Skinner, about his positive view on the future of banking and what banks need to do - to change their business model and truly digitalise.

Engineer screens laptop
2019-08-27 · 6 min read

3 ways big tech are about to disrupt financial services in Europe

Europe has so far been largely protected from the big tech march into financial services. Penetrating each market has been a challenge due to differences in language, tech adoption and regulations. But open banking is unifying the financial landscape across the continent, making it easier for tech giants to get a foot in. Now the big questions are: what will happen when they do? And what do we need to do to safeguard customer loyalty?

2019-08-19 · 1 min read

How ABN AMRO built the most popular Dutch PFM app

By launching personal finance app Grip, ABN AMRO addressed two of their customers’ most pressing requests: understanding where their money went, and getting the tools to better manage their spending.

Natwest & Tink
2019-08-15 · 3 min read

How NatWest is using Tink to engage more customers

In our first UK partnership, we’re helping NatWest use open banking tech to transform its mobile banking app, and improve how customers manage their money.

2019-08-08 · 1 min read

How SBAB got 50,000 Swedes to challenge their mortgage

With the launch of The Mortgage Match, SBAB has overcome a major hurdle: making it easy for people to make comparisons in the most complex financial product of their life.

Comic clouds
2019-07-30 · 4 min read

How partnering for tech allows ABN AMRO to be more productive

In our recent open banking report – Inside the minds of Europe’s bankers – we quizzed nearly 270 financial executives across Europe, and sat down with some of the leading minds in the field to get to the bottom of the biggest challenges, threats and opportunities of open banking.

ICA Spara
2019-06-25 · 4 min read

How Sweden’s leading grocer is helping customers better manage their money

When retail giant ICA wanted to improve the functionality of its life-management app ICA Spara, it partnered with Tink to offer customers access to their data from 50% more banks and cards – and their full financial overview in one place. 

Smartphone Laptop Demo
2019-05-22 · 4 min read

What we learned from demoing 50 prototypes in less than a year

In the last year, we’ve learned the power of “show, not tell”. We built 50 prototypes to show 50 prospective customers what they could do with our tech – and we learned a few things along the way. The biggest lesson? How the right demo can distill a three-hour sales meeting into just 15 minutes.

SDC <3 Tink
2019-05-15 · 2 min read

How SDC is powering multi-banking across the Nordics

SDC and Tink have joined forces to give 120 Nordic banks access to account aggregation and payment initiation services, allowing its banks to make money management smarter and easier for 2.5 million customers.

Man in elevator
2019-04-16 · 4 min read

To win the open banking race, wow your customers

As other industries fuel a change in customer expectations, the banking biz has some catching up to do. And the only way to win in this new era of customer engagement – where their data is up for grabs – is to focus, relentlessly, on the people behind the accounts.

2019-04-09 · 4 min read

Bank 2.0: the software company

The open banking movement is forcing the industry to innovate on an unprecedented scale. The smart banks are meeting this challenge by rethinking their singular focus on products – and behaving more like software companies to attract and hold onto their customers.

Avanza Tink Onboarding
2019-04-03 · 2 min read

Avanza eliminates onboarding friction with aggregation

With a high application drop-off rate, Swedish savings and investment bank Avanza turned to our aggregation technology, to automate their onboarding process and help customers set up a new account in minutes, not weeks.

Why automated finances aren’t a death knell for banks
2019-03-08 · 6 min read

Why automated finances aren’t a death knell for banks

Automated financial services bringing about the demise of banks is being talked about as if it’s a done deal.

Girl on the phone
2019-03-03 · 8 min read

How to build customer trust and loyalty through better PFM experiences

Winning the customer of the future will require a level of personalisation and insight that doesn’t currently exist in banking. But it’s coming – and we’re building the platform that will deliver it. Our PFM solutions use machine learning to offer tailored, actionable advice that guides customers to the financial future they envision – and creates long-term relationships.

The 3 factors that increase user retention in financial apps
2019-02-15 · 3 min read

The 3 factors that increase user retention in financial apps

We recently wrote about the high abandonment rates that banks are battling during the onboarding process – and how to kill the friction so that more users complete the process. But improving onboarding doesn’t necessarily mean your user retention will be high. We’re sharing the top three factors that will help you attract users – and keep them coming back.

2019-01-15 · 4 min read

The battle to onboard: how to kill friction and get people to convert

Customers can be demanding folks. The speed and seamlessness of technology today has conditioned us all to expect the same experience in every interaction – whether we’re booking a hotel, buying paper towels on Amazon or filling in a banking application. The first two instances have adapted well to the shifting expectations – the latter, not so much.

2018-08-29 · 6 min read

Why your competition is turning to fintechs for categorisation

More banks are building personal finance management (PFM) features into their mobile banking solutions – spend monitoring, budgeting tools and charts that detail spending in different categories.

Daniel Kjellén
2018-08-21 · 1 min read

How Tink customers use data to provide better financial services

From blue-chip banks to fintech unicorns, our customers are using Tink services to better respond to this era of open banking – in which the power is shifting from banks to consumers, and giving consumers the power to choose.

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