Nordnet launches investment aggregation with Tink


Nordnet has gone live in Sweden with its investment aggregation services, built on our technology. The Nordic digital bank, which focuses on investments and savings, becomes the first bank in the Nordics to offer their customers this kind of aggregated data.

The service gives Nordnet a holistic view of their customers’ investments across any bank in Sweden. They can also seamlessly enable customers to transfer investments from other banks to Nordnet.

It means that Nordnet can offer its customers better investment deals tailored to each individual – and onboard them seamlessly within their platform. This launch, using our payment initiation technology, is the first step in our partnership and will soon be offered in all Nordic countries.

Nordnet demonstrates the clear benefits that come through innovation and collaboration, and we’re thrilled to see the first investment aggregation product – built using our tech – go live.

To get the inside scoop, we talked to Evelin Kaup, head of product at Nordnet:

How was the new service received by your customers?

We have received very positive feedback during the first weeks and can see an unexpectedly high adoption rate to the service. Customers appreciate the possibility to get an overview of their holdings in other banks and some have even found forgotten investments via the service, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve with this product.

How did you pick a partner to help you develop this service?

We have a clear product strategy where we focus on being the best in our industry at delivering our core and partner with the best in other industries to add services outside of our expertise. This way we can always ensure that our customers get the best possible products on the market. Tink is the market leader in aggregating financial data, so this partnership is an excellent example of how we could add value to our customers by partnering with the best. 

The cooperation has worked extremely well and has been a lot of fun. The key of the success lies in that our tech teams have very similar ways of working and are both very driven by wanting to launch new innovative products which will change the way our industry works today. 

What do you hope to achieve in the long run with the partnership?

We have a strong belief that various aggregator features will be an important part of our customer offering and will continue to look for opportunities within this field, but also how we can use the data to remove friction for our customers today.


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