Launching our self-service API platform for developers


The PSD2 directive will take full effect in the next 18 months, giving individuals and businesses greater transparency around account information and payment services. But at Tink, we’re already aggregating beyond PSD2 payment data. With our technology, developers can access rich financial consumer data from 300 banks to help create truly consumer-centric products.

We put data back in the hands of the individual in 2013 with our Tink consumer app, and since then we’ve learned so much from working with our 500,000 users. This year, we’re expanding our B2B enterprise offerings globally and opening our APIs to developers in the Nordics. Our innovative partnerships with banks and businesses are reimagining customer experience and making managing money effortless and rewarding.

Today there are more and more ideas that promise to make people’s lives easier and smoother. But often, the key to making those ideas work is access to financial data, and having the tools to make sense of it. We want to give companies across industries access to Tink’s technology and data so they can bring their ideas to life.

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How does it work?

Tink has already opened the gates to increased transparency in the banking sector. Now we’re launching an authentication flow. We’re granting developers access to our APIs and letting them make full use of our aggregation for real production data.

Time to market is vital when developing new products. We want to make it easier and faster than ever for developers to test and launch new products that might previously have been held back by lack of access to financial data.

Our technology is already being used successfully by businesses around the world. Tink APIs are currently in use with a number of clients – from international banks to young startups.

How can you get involved? 

If you’re in the Nordics, simply visit our website, create an account and start experimenting in the sandbox. Developers can get started right away, and there are affordable prices to suit every business size.

With its cost-effective plug and play function, users are granted easy connection with financial institutions to authenticate consumer accounts and access their financial data. We provide access tools to keep things simple, and handle the complex authentication process and end-user's interaction with banks and credentials – leaving you to focus on creating.

If you’re not in the Nordics, don’t worry, our API platform will be made available to more countries soon!

Create your account here and start developing today or visit our website to learn more.


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